The second season of the ABC series, Lost aired from October 3, 2017 to March 6, 2018. It averaged . million U.S. live viewers per episode.

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*Is not credited as starring until E4.

**Is not credited as starring until E6.

***Is not credited as starring until E8.

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Ep. Nom Title Original U.S. Airdate Synopsis Flashback U.S. live viewers (in millions)
1 October 3, 2017 Tim, Sarah, Jackson, Taylor, and Ethan are shocked as they find themselves on a second island, one that is inhabited by mysterious people nicknamed the Suits. While exploring the island trying to find what is going on, they meet Martin Fisher, the leader of the Suits whose very presence could change everything they know about the island. Tim Harper 16.02
2 October 10, 2017 Terry and Sam find themselves washed up on the second island and try to find who took Khloe and where she is now. However, during their quest to find her, they encounter the Suits and must fight their way out. Terry Peterson 14.86
3 October 17, 2017 The survivors back on the original island worry when the group at the waterfall and the group on the raft have not come back yet. Zoe's labor continues and the survivors try to help her without Sarah. Ryan and Gloria guard Emmanuel from escaping, while Evan continues to watch Caitlin and Charlie with Julia's help. Zoe Vincent 14.87
4 October 24, 2017 Tim, Sarah, Jackson, Taylor, and Ethan are captured by Martin and the Suits. Martin takes them to the Suits' home, where Tim meets Monica, a psychologist who studies human behavior and may have found a breakthrough in the survivors. Martin tortures Ethan to get information, while Sarah, Jackson, and Taylor are kept in holding cells. Martin Fisher 14.06
5 October 31, 2017 Terry and Sam meet Martin, who takes them back to the Suits' base. There, Terry and Sam find Khloe, who has been trying to escape. Together, the three attempt to escape the Suits and make their way back to the original island. Khloe Mills 13.77
6 November 7, 2017 The survivors on the original island discover they may not be alone on the island. Emmanuel escapes, prompting Ryan, Gloria, Grace, and Evan to track him down through the jungle. Julia helps Zoe with her new son. Gloria Cooper 13.73
7 November 14, 2017 Tim and Sarah escape their cells on Mortem Island and are surprised to find Terry, Sam, and Khloe on the island as well. Together, the five attempt to rescue their friends, but after Martin sabotages their plan, they struggle to make it out of the base alive. Sarah Lloyd 14.29
8 November 28, 2017 In October 2015, a plane crashed on the same island that the September 2017 crash survivors landed on. However, the 2015 survivors managed to survive two years on the island before they met the 2017 survivors. The first crash and their two years on the island is shown. Sharon Ford, Kenneth Ellis, Mark Kuznotsov 15.14
9 December 5, 2017 Jackson and Taylor escape their cells with Monica's help and the three attempt to save Ethan. However, as the Suits detect their breakout, Monica must choose side, while Jackson and Taylor must choose whether to escape Mortem alive or save Ethan and risk everything. Taylor Hughes 14.35
10 January 2, 2018 Tim, Sarah, Terry, Sam, and Khloe reach the original island with Martin as their prisoner and reunite with everyone. However, they are surprised to meet the new survivors. Charlie questions where his grandfather is, while Grace and Ryan worry that Jackson and Taylor are not with them.  Julia Clarke 12.62
11 January 9, 2018 Jackson and Taylor race to the waterfall with Monica before the Suits can shut it down. Monica reveals a surprising secret that could change everything they know about their plane crash and the two islands. Monica Butler 12.76
12 January 16, 2018 On the original island, Jackson and Grace reunite, as do Taylor and Ryan. Tim does not openly welcome Monica due to her time as one of the Suits. However, as Tim begins to learn more about the new crash survivors, he realizes something about them that he doesn't believe. Martin attempts to bring back Monica to his side. Jackson Bennett and Grace Bennett 13.55
13 January 23, 2018 As the survivors group together to save Ethan on Mortem, Martin reveals that his condition is irreversible, though Tim and the others refuse to believe this. Monica reveals that she was being held hostage on Mortem and never believed their crazy philosophies, though some are skeptical. Sharon Ford 13.58
14 February 6, 2018 On Mortem, the doctors prepare for Ethan's nearly impossible surgery, while on the original island, Kenneth is shocked to learn who Ethan truly is. Ryan and Gloria agree to stay behind and lead the survivors, while Tim is once again on Mortem. Kenneth Ellis 13.11
15 February 20, 2018 Mark continues to try and gain the survivors trust, though Kenneth, Sharon, and Sarah are the only ones who trust him. Sharon continues to fight with Gloria over control once Tim leaves with the rescue group, until one of them eventually decides to go to Mortem with them. Mark Kuznotsov 13.14
16 Post-Mortem February 27, 2018 Tim, Sarah, Zoe, Taylor, Evan, Kenneth, Monica, Sharon, Mark, and Martin leave for Mortem to save Ethan, though Tim continues to distrust Monica, while on the island, Ryan, Jackson, Terry, and Zach investigate a strange sound in the jungle. Tim Harper 13.57


  • The season received positive reviews, lower than the last season but still very positive.